I wanted to thank you and Heather for the wonderful Anti-Bully seminar. Jessica is already applying things she learned from you both. I can see her thinking about her actions and being responsive in different ways to some situations in positive ways, which are beneficial to her.
These skills are not only helpful to her friendships, but classroom environmen

God's Blessings,

8 Reasons to Love Horses

by Alena Hall, HuffPost, 8/10/2014

Why Horses? 

Horses are herd animals who naturally want to interact. Developing the skills to communicate with a horse builds empathy, trust, and self confidence. 

The size of a horse is a metaphor for life's bigger challenges and it is satisfying to get an animal that is several hundred to one thousand pounds to work with you. 

Horses are prey animals meaning they can read our body language and energy.  No ulterior motives, they just give us honest, non-judgmental immediate feedback.  Working with horses teaches us to be assertive without being confrontational.