I wanted to thank you and Heather for the wonderful Anti-Bully seminar. Jessica is already applying things she learned from you both. I can see her thinking about her actions and being responsive in different ways to some situations in positive ways, which are beneficial to her.
These skills are not only helpful to her friendships, but classroom environment.

God's Blessings,

"Elaine is a life long equestrian who truly has a natural knack for ‘reading' horses. This talent lends to her quick and savvy way of relating human emotions, movement and interaction from the horse!
I recommend equine leadership and team building exercises with Elaine and her team of horses because beyond the fact that it works, it is fun, and puts everyone at a relaxed and happy mood. When was the last time your team got to play with horses and learned how to become a better team player? This is for any team that needs refreshing, light-hearted yet concrete answers to work better together and as individuals.

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Mother - Daughter Workshop

$80.00 per mother/daughter team.

Join us for a Mother/Daughter horse based workshop to improve communication, bond and just have FUN! No horse experience needed! Girls aged 10+ please.  

PS. Our equine professionals are moms too!

Team Building

Scheduled Events:

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Private Workshops may be scheduled with Elaine.


Anti-Bully Program

Help your child with~

Conflict Resolution • Improve Self Confidence • Negotiate Social Aggression Issues •Problem-Solving • Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

Join us for a 3-hour unmounted, horse-based workshop to improve communication, bonding and just have FUN! No horse experience needed.

Wear long pants, closed toe shoes and a hat, and bring along a snack and water.


Elaine Marion TRI, ESMHL

Heather Cotterman TRI, ESMHL

Private Workshops may be scheduled with Elaine.

Next Class: Dec. 9, 2017-12:00-3:30 pm

Corporate/Team Leadership

Are you a true leader?  A dominant bully?
Or a passive leader?

You cannot be a leader by just telling someone you are a leader, you have to prove it. 

Contact Elaine to create a workshop designed to meet your specific needs. Small groups.

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